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The Dental Plan for Folks Over 50

Dental Care 50

Kansas City's Best Senior Dental Plan

  $75 per year

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A Dental Plan for When You Retire

Dental Care 50 is simple and affordable. It was designed for retirees who are forced onto the individual market, but works for all those who do not have access to a high quality group plan. Our low annual fee of $75 for an individual or $130 for a couple entitles members to receive dental care at a huge discount from usual dental fees and costs at a Kansas City Area, Dental Care 50 approved, dentist. We are the senior dental discount plan now available to anyone over 50.

Dental Care 50 members receive a consultation, oral exam, cancer check and cleaning for only $75. That is $125 less than the usual fee and instantly makes Dental Care 50 a great value. Additional work is completed at a 20% to 70% discount. For example, a crown usually costs around $1,400 in the Kansas City market, but Dental care 50 members pay just $775 - a discount of over $600


We have over 30 outstanding dentists in the Kansas City Area that accept Dental Care 50 members, including periodontists and other specialists who understand the unique dental needs of people over 50.


Dental Care 50 is not insurance, so there are no claim forms to complete, no pre-authorizations, no waiting periods and no dollar limits. And everything, including implants, is covered. You can save on your dental appointment that is scheduled for this afternoon.

Our members pay a set fee for most dental services and receive a 20% discount on any specialists or cosmetic procedures. See our fee schedule for a complete listing. 


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$75 Annual Individual Membership


$135 2-Year Individual Membership


$130 Couple Membership


$230 2-Year Couple Membership





“I retired from my job and lost my dental insurance. Most plans cost $30 per MONTH and only cover cleanings. I love Dental Care 50 because it is a great value.”


Shiela E.


“My dentist recommended Dental Care 50 when I had to get a crown 5 years ago. The plan is simple, affordable and saves me money, so why stop?


Kevin M.

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Better Care Starts with You!
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