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The Fine Print


Dental Care 50 member prices are subject to change at any time. They were last changed Sept. 1, 2016 and before that on Sept. 1, 2012, and before that in 2002. The past history of changes is not an assurance or guarantee that the prices advertised and offerd at the time of enrollment will continue to be effective for any amount of time.


Our doctors may stop offering the plan at any time and members would have to switch doctors to continue receiving the Dental Care 50 member price. 


The $75 member fee is good for 1 year from the date of reciept of payment. The $75 membership fee is not refundable in part or in whole. When the Dental Care 50 fee schedule changes, Dental Care 50 is not required to give any notice of the change, but plans to send notice to all members before any change in the fee schedule is made.


Upon the event that Dental Care 50 goes out of business or ceases to exist, no fees will be refunded and no dentist, specialist or other provider will be forced to honor Dental Care 50 prices. Dental Care 50 has been in business since 1990.


We are not an insurance plan. We are a marketing plan that connects doctors willing to give a discount to individuals looking for a discount. Enrolling in Dental Care 50 allows members to take advatage of our fee scheudle but does not guarantee any set price for any set amount of time.


We are a local Kansas City company - family owned and operated.

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